About us:

Welcome to Morocco and our new and updated tour information and resource site of

Morocco Vacation Tours.

All employees have years of experience in tourism, specifically Morocco and the

Sahara. You can pick a planned itinerary, or we can act as your travel agent and

tailor a trip to your specifications.

Our drivers and guides are multilingual speaking Moroccan Arabic, Arabic, French,

Italian, English, Spanish and even some Japanese!

All of our drivers are licensed and insured as professional drivers for tourism.

Being local is key to our guides. They know the people, the languages and all the

secrets. Be prepared to hear many stories and the history of the people. They are

have connections in all the towns and cities and can help you however needed.

Owner and operator Rachid is proud of his Berber heritage and has made it his goal

to make sure all guests have fun and learn about Morocco. While you safely travel

with his company everyone is treated as a friend.