Join Morocco Vacation Tour for an amazing camel trek into the Sahara Desert. There is no other place on Earth quite like the Sahara Desert!
As you ride a camel in the solitude and silence of the Sahara Desert, experience the mysterious healing power of the desert upon the soul. Imagine the courage of those who wandered over the ever shifting sands before you. Under a million bright stars, heavy with vibration and magic,  feel the peace of the desert.

The ultimate way to explore the Sahara Desert is riding upon a camel. Slip into the rhythm of the desert, waking up at dawn and resting during the full heat of the early afternoon. In the evening, relax over a pot of mint tea while being served a delicious and authentic Berber feast. Afterwards, gather around a bonfire and join in on the singing and drums of the desert! The night is spent sleeping in a luxurious and comfortable desert tent.

Enjoy this nomadic experience and make memories that will stay with you forever!

For those that arriving in Merzouga with their car or by night bus to Rissani or Merzouga, it’s possible to call Morocco Vacation Tour at mobile phone +212 (0) 650888617. We will meet you at the Rissani city bus station or at the gateway entrance to Merzouga village.

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